Planting and Softscapes

Why it’s important

Our San Diego climate is ideal for incorporating a wide range of plant material selections within your garden. Tropical, Sub-Tropical, English, Mediterranean and Japanese themed gardens are only few of the plant material palettes one can select from while living in San Diego.

How it works

There are many local San Diego drought-tolerant plants and water conservative techniques available. Bradley Landscape incorporates the latest techniques and technologies when designing and maintaining healthy, water-wise gardens. We can help you create water conservative landscape irrigation system that keeps your plants flourishing.

Water conservation techniques are constantly changing in San Diego, and we understand how to work with the needs of various plants rather than against them. Not only are you able to help the environment, but with a proper water conservation and irrigation systems in-place, you can save on your monthly water expense while sustaining a beautiful garden. Let us help you create a water conservative landscape you will enjoy for many seasons.

Tips for Saving Water:

Planting and Softscape Examples




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