At Bradley Landscape we’re here to address all questions and concerns and provide all necessary information. There are a number of inquiries which are common to so many clients, especially those who may be working with us for the first time. Here are a number ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ often encountered:

A design/build company has the resources and knowledge necessary to complete a landscape project from the earliest conceptual stages through final installation. Unlike some companies, which may sub-contract many services like irrigation, hardscape or drainage separately, our managers and installation experts are here readily available to work with you throughout the entire project process designing and installing many scopes-of-work often subcontracted.
No – We do not charge for the initial site visit. This is your opportunity to share your ideas and vision for your landscape project, start the process of design by discussing initial ideas, pin-point any landscape problems you are having, and acquire a scope of the overall size of scope. This initial meeting also gives you the opportunity to meet us, learn more about our company, and ask questions.
No – Too often a landscape contractor will come to a site and immediately give a potential client a price without first knowing all the details. Before preparing an estimate we must first discuss all scope to be completed, which will then allow us to prepare an itemized estimate for review. Itemizing estimates is important because it creates clarity and allows for design/build process to take place as changes (credits & additions) occur during a project.
Working with a licensed contractor is highly recommended for many reasons: A licensed and insured contractor offers many protections to the property owner, especially regarding residential installations. A contractor cannot obtain a State Contractors License without first possessing a minimum amount of experience. In addition, the contractor must pass a business management test. The applicant also may be subject to a criminal history background check, and must not have any unresolved contracting issues outstanding. Here in California, if a contractor has employees, they’re required to carry workers compensation insurance. The importance of this alone cannot be overstated. If a worker is injured on your property and the contractor doesn’t have insurance, you could be legally liable to pay for injuries and rehabilitation.
A typical landscape construction starts with grading & and utility installation progressing to hardscape and plant material installations.
There are several ways to create a lush and lasting low maintenance landscape. Such as: replacing lawns with drought tolerant plant material, infilling property with low water use plant material, applying a 3” layer of mulch to retain moisture at planter areas, selecting correct plants for sun exposure, soil conditions, and water availability. Retrofitting an outdated irrigation system with low-flow irrigation fixtures is also highly recommended.
Every property and client is different and therefore there is no set standard. The time required to complete a project relies completely on the amount of work which will be necessary and availability of materials. A small project may take 1-3 months while a larger scape project could take 8-12 months.

Yes, absolutely – In recent years, there have been quite a few studies on this very subject. Here are just a few examples:

Money Magazine determined that landscaping offers an excellent return on investment and ranked top out of any home improvements. In addition, there was a study done by the American Society of Landscape Architects in conjunction with Money Magazine finding a recovery value of 100% to 200% of landscaping costs which can be gained when selling your home.

Clemson University of Clemson, SC, stated that homes with excellent landscaping will sell for 6% to 7% more than comparable homes with just good landscaping.
Michigan State University found similar results, but gives good landscaping even more value. They state that the perceived value of a home which is landscaped nicely is improved by as much as 12%.
The Society of Real Estate Appraisers also feels a nicely landscaped home adds value and actually causes homes to sell more quickly.

The U.S. Forest Service found that just trees alone can add 3% to 7% to the value of a home.

Yes – We have a complete team of highly trained and award winning maintenance professionals to provide weekly service for your property. While a growing number of people have become dissatisfied with the poor quality of the typical ‘mow, blow, and go’ service, we take the time to maintain your property to perfection while providing a reliable friendly service you can trust.
No – We prefer organic practices when possible for fertilization, pest and weed control. While uses of chemicals are at times necessary, they should always be used minimally and in the recommended application.

Most landscape projects do not require permits, however some projects involving retaining walls, trellises, swimming pools and fire places may require permits.

Yes – While individual requirements of HOAs can be as diverse of the properties they represent, a set of established and agreed upon standards must be maintained. We will work closely with your HOA to conform to all specifications and approval processes while bringing out your property’s absolute best.

We are primarily an “infield” design build company. This means that our scope of design typically takes place in the field during construction as your project takes place: how tall is your countertop, what other materials are available, how wide do you want a pathway to be, what slope should concrete have….the list goes on. We prefer to work with a landscape architect who can provide us a landscape design, whoever has the ability to design landscape plans.

Yes – it is not uncommon to install a project in phases, especially when there are budget and time constraints. Once the complete plan is established, the property owner can easily phase scopes-of-work to be completed as budget permits.
We can provide anything from a complete on-site consultation to a complete landscape design and plan. Many people will use this as a reliable and cost-effective solution when exploring options and ideas before investing a large amount of time and expense into a project they might not be happy with in the end.
Not a problem at all. We will gladly review your design at the initial consultation and discuss the best way to proceed and provide you an estimate.
This is a very good question. Creating a pleasing and lasting landscape project is more than simply digging holes, laying sod, and stacking stones. Every site has its own unique set of issues, which need to be addressed. Items such as sun exposures, site drainage, grading, and several other conditions can have a dramatic impact on whether or not the finished project will stand the test of time and function as it was intended. Proper planning and design will ensure your satisfaction and provide you with better understanding of potential cost.


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