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Tree Pruning

Whether you are looking to trim/lace an overgrown tree, reduce a dense canopy, or manage potentially hazardous branches, Bradley Landscape offers a specialized pruning crew for all your pruning or hedging requirements. Call us today for an estimate.

Seasonal Color Additions

Seasonal color additions are a fun change in theme for your landscape. Winter is a wonderful time in San Diego for seasonal color additions to your garden. Some favorites to consider regarding winter color additions are: Cyclamen, Snapdragons, Poinsettias, Pansies, Dianthus, and Euphorbia and Lisianthus.

Mulch Additions

Bark and mulch are important components in maintaining the beauty of your garden and contribute to health of your plants. Mulch has the ability to insulate the ground, retain moisture in the soil, deposit nutrients, and limit weed growth. We recommend removing debris from planters, adding gypsum, organic compost then installing mulch layer.


Planted pots can add an instant attraction to your garden, but what plants do you select, how do you keep pots irrigated, what is the best soil to use for pots? Sun exposure is the main factor to consider when selecting plant material for pots.

Lawn Enhancements

Lawn care additions can quickly rejuvenate your existing lawn. Typical services we offer include aeration, which involves a mechanical machine for coring ½” holes in lawn for release of compacted soil and infiltration of irrigation and nutrients. We also offer overseeding and general fertilizer applications including use of organic compost.

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