Why it’s important

Imagine your beautiful landscape during the day; then after the sun goes down nothing is visible or able to be seen by you or your guests. Leaving much to be desired.

Landscape lighting provides an entirely different experience to your garden creating a sanctuary for evenings and providing hours of entertainment with family and friends. Consider enjoying summer nights in the garden, evening pool parties, barbecues under pergola and dimmed lighting surrounding a warm fireplace. Proper landscape lighting brings added elegance and distinction to your garden creating a warm ambiance enjoyable for all after sunset.

How it works

Great lighting design can highlight architectural details, enhance focal points, illuminate water features, highlight specimen plant material and create an ambiance for outdoor living spaces inspiring scenes of tranquil charm throughout the garden during evening hours.

Up-lights, pathway lights, well-lights, down-lights, and fountain lighting are just a few of the fixture options you can select from. Our team can guide you through the lighting design process and installation resulting in an afterhours garden that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Landscape lighting techniques we offer:

Landscape Lighting Examples

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