Are they growing red yet?

We are talking about Poinsettias here.

‘Tis the season’ for those blooming beauties with their slender shaped red leaves and visible scales that brighten up any area they are placed in. Here are some tips for their growth:

  • Poinsettias need at least 12-14 hours of darkness daily for the leaves to turn red, else they will remain growing green;
  • The plant needs to be kept in bright light but not direct sunlight during the day for at least 8 hours for it to absorb the light;
  • The plant is fairly sensitive to even a night light or a street light that may shine on it overnight, which in turn will keep the leaves green.
  • Poinsettias originate from Southern Mexico, hence are used to a humid climate. If you are trying to turn a green leaf poinsettia red, then for around 4 weeks, it would need to have some humidity treatment. Steam from a warm bowl of water can do the trick if kept indoors in a small closed space when it needs to be kept in the dark overnight.
  • From applying the treatments above, it takes around 4 weeks for the leaves to start turning red.
  • Give it a try and share your results with us.

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